Profundium | We get the deal done
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We negotiate hard with commercial lenders
to get your loan funded.

Why Choose

Profundium ?

We specialize in collaborating with you and a large portfolio of commercial lenders nationwide to secure commercial loans for our clients under the most challenging circumstances. The Commercial loan industry for purchase or refinance of a commercial property is quite different from any other lending process that you might have been exposed to and it takes a significant amount of tenacity, commitment, creativity, professional connections, with a keen eye for the security of confidential information about yourself in order to deliver tangible results.

We Get the Deal Done

At Profundium we work with lenders nationwide and can help you with a wide variety of loans such as:

● Conventional Bank Loans
● SBA 504
● SBA 7a
● State-Guarantee loan programs
● Non-bank institutional loans
● Private/hard money loans
● Collateralized mortgage-backed securities (CMBS)
● Second trust deeds
● Commercial equity lines
● Others depending on your situation

We can find solutions literally for all commercial properties.