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Why Choose

Profundium ?

We specialize in collaborating with you and a large portfolio of commercial lenders nationwide to secure commercial loans for our clients under the most challenging circumstances. The Commercial loan industry for purchase or refinance of a commercial property is quite different from any other lending process that you might have been exposed to and it takes a significant amount of tenacity, commitment, creativity, professional connections, with a keen eye for the security of confidential information about yourself in order to deliver tangible results.


At Profundium we work with lenders nationwide and can help you with a wide variety of loans such as:

● Conventional Bank Loans
● SBA 504
● SBA 7a
● State-Guarantee loan programs
● Non-bank institutional loans
● Private/hard money loans
● Collateralized mortgage-backed securities (CMBS)
● Second trust deeds
● Commercial equity lines
● Others depending on your situation

We can find solutions literally for all commercial properties.

Tell Us About Your Loan Request

* Please write description of the loan amount, where, and how the funds would be used